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Level 1 Umpire accreditation Clinics for 2016/2017

This season will see a few changes from last year to this year for Level 1 umpiring accreditation.

There will be 10 level 1 metro clinics, these clinics will be hosted by clubs spread around the metro area.

The dates and venues can be found on the Umpiring Clinics Page of this website. All dates will be posted by August.  Level 1 clinics will consist of

a 30 minute theory lecture and a two and a half hour practical training session. Participants are also required to watch 75 minute video before attending

a course.(Link available above). This video is to be watched by Metro participants only, as Country clinics have this video presented on the day of the clinic.

 Participants must be in attendance and ready to start by 8.30am. Clubs will be charged $35 for each successful participant.

This is to cover the Rule books, Umpires Manual, Accredited cap and shirt.

For non attendance without cancelation (2 days prior) clubs will be charge $10

Metropolitan area course booking are only available through the online booking system.

Level 2 Exams

 Level 2 theory exams will be will be available as an online exam, a 90% pass mark is required.

As a prerequisite you must attain Level 1 first.

In the fair and foul section there will be five questions of which you must get all correct.

Upon successful completion of the level 2 exam you have up to three attempts in 12 months in which to complete you practical examination.

Clubs are charged $35 for each successful exam participant. Your club will be notified when you pass.

Bookings for a practical examination MUST be emailed to   Examining umpires are listed at the bottom of this page and may be contacted direct.

Please try the online quiz it is made available as a practise for the exam, once you feel confident you can email the Chief Umpire for a login to the exam page.

The Online Umpiring Quiz is now available here.

The Online Umpiring Exam is now available on request via email to the Chief Umpire.


State Championship Umpire Accreditation Courses  (SCA)

From 2016, to officiate at the State Championships all umpires will have to be Championship Accredited.  To receive this accreditation umpires of all levels

will be required to attend a two hour theory presentation. Accreditation lasts for three (3) years. Once completed attendees will receive a Championship License for their level.

This credit card style license will have their Name, Accreditation Number and Photo ID and must be produced when attending State Championships.

There will be no charge for these courses or for the initial ID card. However replacement cards will be charged at $5 ea.

Championship Accreditation course venues and dates will be listed on the Umpire Clinic Page of this site.


Course booking are only available through the online booking system .




The Tee-Ball Association of WA. introduced accreditation of umpires in 1982 in an attempt to improve umpire knowledge, especially during the State Championships.

 In 2004 Accreditation levels were redrafted in an attempt to improve and reward those umpires seeking to advance their knowledge within our sport.

LEVEL 1:             


Introductory level  Practical course runs for approximately 3 hours, successful participants receive a 80-page umpires manual, a rule book an Accredited umpires cap and shirt. This course should give umpires enough confidence and knowledge to base umpire at and or plate umpire at club level without having to sit an exam. Participants are required to watch a one hour and twenty five minute video before attending the practical course. Level 1 can base umpire at State Championships once State Championship Accreditation has been completed.



LEVEL 2:             


Participants sit a 30 question multiple choice theory exam and must receive a 90% pass mark. They are then required to have a practical assessement during a game teeball game. (this is usually carried out during an U/11 - 13's game). Level 2 umpires can plate or base umpire at State Championships once State Championship Accreditation has been completed.

LEVEL 3:     

Participants require a 100%  pass rate in the written level 2 exam and are required to be assessed on a practical level at the State Championships during at least two games. Level 2 is a prerequisites for this level.


LEVEL 4:        Accrediting Umpires   


Level 4 umpires are expected to have an above average understanding of the rules and be extremely confident in their interpretation of those rules.

They will have previously attained level 3 and plated at leased 10 TBAWA carnival games. In order to achieve and retain level 4, participants are required to attend and pass an examination and clinic every second year where they are assessed on their ability to umpire, instruct, interpret rules and assess practical umpiring abilities.



LEVEL 5:     Umpire Development Officers


Level 5 umpires must have achieved level 4.

To achieve this level participants are required to:

  • Achieve a 100% pass mark on a 60 question rule theory exam 
  • Participate in at least 6 level one clinics and then run two. Also present a Level 1 theory course, assessment of performance will be by the Chief Umpire and at least two other level 5 umpires.
  • Applicants will be judged on course presentation and  rules knowledge.
  • Upon successful completion umpires must present at least two clinic per year to retain level 5.


  • Level 1 Accreditation and a State Championship licence is the minimum requirement to Base umpire at  the Tee-Ball Association State Championships.
  • Level 2 Accreditation and a State Championship Licence is the minimum requirement to Plate umpire at the Tee-Ball Association State Championships.
  • On attaining accreditation, umpires receive a cap or hat and umpires shirt.
  • On attaining State Championship Accreditation, umpires receive a photo ID licence.



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Examining Umpires may conduct Level 2 practical examinations on umpires seeking accreditation at clubs other than their own.

Clubs or individual candidates wishing to have a practical examination should contact the Chief Umpire or any of the examiners listed below to arrange this examination.

If a practical examination is required before the theory exam is completed this must be carried out by a Level 5 Umpire


Umpire Development Officers (L5)

Run clinics and exams, these are run in the first part of the season (before Xmas)

All clinics and exams metro and country must be booked through the Chief Umpire 


Umpire # 319     Dave FENNER 9451 5857    

 Umpire # 472    Greg MOUNT-BRYSON 0406 162 256 

Umpire # 743    Paul PLANKEN 0409 104 533  

Umpire # 1610   Colin GIBB 9417 1868

Umpire # 1901  Barry BROANDA TBAWA Chief Umpire 0403 510 408

Umpire # 2156   Annaliese ARNDT 0416 199 571 

Umpire # 2538  Rick MOORE 0411 455 688

These people are also available for practical examinations for Level 2 & 3


available for Level 2 practical accreditations   

L5 Umpire # 62     Warren LAKE  9446 4614

L5 Umpire # 694   John Van EMMERLOOT  0417 175 649

L5 Umpire # 1418  Peter McCORMACK  0419 929 149

L4 Umpire # 761  Dianne MOUNT-BRYSON 0410 476 049

L4 Umpire # 919  Sue LOTHIAN  0412 718 883   

L4 Umpire # 1170   Geoff WATSON  0401 009 320

L4 Umpire # 1311  Manuel MALL  0412 888 774

L4 Umpire # 1861   Gary ARNELL  0400 663 773

L4 Umpire # 3133  Glen BAKRANICH Assistant Chief Umpire  0413 010 729 






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